KIENLE® Organ House

Das Kienle Orgelhaus in der Nähe von Stuttgart

In the KIENLE® Orgelhaus you buy your organ from a pioneer of the organ industry. For more than 50 years Service KIENLE® stands for continuous innovations and exceptional product quality.
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KIENLE® Organ Pipe System

KIENLE® Resonator system compact

The KIENLE® Resonator System converts the sound of digital church organs. It connects the best out of two worlds: the flexibility of sound of the digital church organ and the sound emittance characteristic of the organ pipe.
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  • New patent for KIENLE

    07-Dec-2017 - For almost 50 years KIENLE has continuously filed patents. Now we have been granted a new patent for the KIENLE organ pipe system again, which secures the commercial protection until 2032 (inventor: CEO Dr.-Ing. Max Kraus). All ...

  • Ultimate HAUPTWERK-console produced by PAUSCH-e

    15-Nov-2017 - Organ enthusiasts know Günter Pausch for many years as a reliable partner for organ parts and HAUPTWERK applications. Now he has developed the ultimate HAUPTWERK console “Praeclarum” with 3 manuals and 70 electromagnetic draw knobs. ...

  • Music School in Kampala inaugurated

    23-June-2017 - On 7th June the new music school in Kampala/Uganda was inaugurated with an organ concert for four hands on the newly built KIENLE organ pipe system. The music school was built with numerous donations on the grounds of the Y.E.S Center ...

digitale Kirchenorgeln von Kienle


KIENLE® Orgeln GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Str. 6
71254 Ditzingen

Phone: +49 (0) 7152-997780
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Email:   info@kienle-orgeln.de

Individual appointments on request.

Organ models

Digitale Kirchenorgeln in unserem Orgelhaus

In the KIENLE® organ house you buy your organ from a pioneer of the organ industry. Read more

Half costs - full sound

Das kostengünstige Klangssystem für digitale Orgeln

Full sound of a pipe organ and only half of its costs. How does that work. Read more


Gebrauchte digitale Kirchenorgeln oder Klangsysteme für Kirchen

Here you can make up bargains which will give you many years of pleasure. Read more


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